What You Need to Know About Spider Veins

June 14, 2019

Many people have always been confused about what is referred to as a spider vein. These are simply veins that resemble tree branches or little jagged line of webs that are normally placed right below the skin's surface. Many of us can still be asking about the age at which this condition happens; you should know that spider veins can happen at any age bracket starting at a young age, but then, it mostly affects people at old age. There are so many factors that cause this condition, so those affected might not know specifically where they got it from.

There is a difference between spider veins and varicose veins. Spider veins are smaller, blue, purple and red vessels that normally twist and turn. Varicose veins, on the other hand, are large, swollen and raised blood vessels that also turn and twist.

To have the right treatment option when affected by this condition, it’s better to know the specific thing that might have led to the development of it. Future prevention measures are a great consideration for a person to learn where the condition might have developed from. Sufferers should never worry about the condition any more since the condition is harmless and is commonly gotten rid of for cosmetic reasons.

Preventive Measures

As we have mentioned, this condition is preventable, but then how can we counter this? Below are some preventive measures you should consider:

Regular exercises

The way we live is among the causes of a wide range of our beauty and medical problems. Many of us don’t like exercising and we usually have bad eating habits, this is all that leads to these problems. You should come up with a plan to exercise more often to stay away from this problem; this is a mean of maintaining yourself dynamic and active. Being active helps us to maintain optimal blood circulation, strength, and tone.

Eat a balanced diet

Considering a balanced diet that is mainly composed of vitamins and fibers are great if you need to get read of this problem. You need to totally eliminate salts as you can and have full of vegetables and fruits at large. What do we mean? A high fiber diet can greatly help you avoid constipation since this is among the causes of the condition.

We have talked much about regular exercises, this is actually a great idea but then, too much effort with the legs is never recommended. When you note the first signs of this condition, you are normally advised not to stand up for long periods. You are mostly required to even try to switch off one leg’s weight to the other. You are likewise advised to avoid long sitting sessions since this is the cause of bad circulation in the body. Moreover, a patient is asked to avoid crossing legs when sitting but then, ensure that you sufficiently relax the legs after making greater efforts.

Other methods to prevent the condition:

  • Clothing - For this method, wearing natural fabrics is the way to go with as much as possible. You need to ensure that you are all times comfortable and try to avoid uncomfortable, strengthening and tight clothing. This is essential to ensure there is sufficient and good blood circulation.

Forms of Treatment of This Condition

There are two treatment forms of this condition, these are namely through laser therapy and sclerotherapy.


An injection is used in a doctor’s office. A prescribed injection is injected in a patient’s veins, this ensures they fade and collapse from view.

Laser therapy

For this, a patient will recover from extremely small spider veins in case the needles lack the capability to access them. For this kind of treatment, it involves the omission of bright light over the veins that later causes them to contract and later disappear. It is an expensive form of treatment but then, it will only require you a single visit to get rid of it unless you have many spots on the feet and legs.

As we have seen, there are so many factors that can lead you to this condition and getting rid of it is only through the said methods at large. To avoid the development of this condition, an individual should greatly consider the preventive measures available. The treatments forms are good and have been proved to treat the condition. In case you need much information, seek the help of a specialist doctor in the field to let you know all.

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