What Foods to Eat to Avoid Scarring

June 14, 2019

Nutrition plays a very pivotal role in the prevention of scarring sustained after surgery. There are different foods that contain nutrients which improve the healing of the wound and help to strengthen the skin's tissue. There are some types of foods that are likely to make it difficult for the process of skin repair, hence making the recovery to take longer. If you're committed to a 'fad' diet, this is the high time you get serious on nutrition.

Therefore, here are the kinds of food you should take after undergoing surgery.

Food to Consume To Boost Healing of Wounds and Formation of Scars

One may realize that scars can be the source of emotional stress. The formation of scars differs from one patient to another. So ensuring the body is well nourished with appropriate nutrients will greatly help to improve the healing of the wound and promote general body health. To avoid scarring, here are some of the nutrients one should eat.


One needs to increase the levels of protein immediately after undergoing surgery to fasten the process of healing. When proteins are broken down into amino acids, they stand out as being effective in the repair of the wound. Also, protein forms collagen, which is a very crucial type of protein that plays a role in strengthening the skin. Protein-rich foods such as chicken, beef, eggs, and fish, are the greatest sources of glutamine.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C stands out as a highly important antioxidant which helps in healing scars. It works by strengthening the wound and stimulating the production of collagen. It helps in the buildup of new blood vessels that aid in the transportation of nutrients to the scar. Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits and green vegetables. Vitamin C can also be taken as a supplement.

Vitamin A

This is another essential antioxidant for a person whose skin has undergone surgery. The vitamin helps as a response towards inflammation and prevents infections on scars as the wound heals with the formation of a scar. Vitamin A is highly important towards the stimulation of the development of new blood vessels and the production of connective tissue. Eggs, green vegetables, and fish are the perfect source of vitamin A. Its supplementation is to be taken with caution because toxicity can easily take place.


Zinc is a great nutrient, as it aids in protein synthesis and collagen development. Zinc has the ability to slow down the healing time of the surgery by at least 43%. Deficiency of zinc has always been associated wit expediting the healing process and decreases the strength of wood. The best sources of zinc may include poultry, fish, meat, eggs seeds, legumes, and more.

Foods To Avoid in Order to Prevent Scarring

If the nutrition you provide your body is not sufficient, the healing stage will be slowed down. The time taken for a wound to heal may increase, hence compromising the formation of a scar. Here are foods to avoid after surgery to prevent scarring.


The health of skin and sugar are not the perfect combination. Sugar can easily degrade the quality of elastin and collagen. Elastin and Collagen help in making up a fibrous network, which gives the skin a kind of structural stiffness and the elasticity to help in the healing of a wound. When scars exhibit reduced resistance to failure, it indicates insufficient collagen. Therefore, consuming sugar risks degradation of the elastin and collagen. This means the scar may grow thicker and visible. In short, avoid sugar after surgery.


Alcohol mostly affects the absorption of nutrients, which are highly crucial towards the skin repair after a surgical wound. It inhibits the breakdown of nutrients and damages the cells which line the intestine and stomach. This, therefore, makes it difficult for the nutrients to be transported to the wound.

Alcohol affects the absorption of proteins which are mostly changed into amino acids from collagen. Collagen is very crucial in every wound healing stage. And so lack of it affects the strength of wound and the scar structure. Alcohol also affects the body's ability to take in minerals such as zinc which are highly important in accumulation and synthesis of the collagen, especially during the early granulation of the wound.

Foods Rich in Nitrates

The well-being of the blood vessels that connect to the scar site is crucial in its healing process. These are the suppliers of oxygen and nutrients needed for repair. Excess nitrates in the diet in some food are likely to result in damage of tissues which impedes’ healing process.

Taking a lot of foods that are rich in nitrates may lead to atherosclerosis, whereby fatty plaque is formed on the blood vessels. This blocks the movement of blood hence lowering the time for healing and at the same time compromising scars formation.


Caffeine is highly popular for its strong antioxidants which have high potential to affect the healing process of your skin. Excessive intake of caffeine does not only affect the absorption of nutrients, but may also corrupt the integrity of skin through body dehydration.

Caffeine also curtails the supply of oxygen and nutrients towards the wound. This, therefore, lowers the volume of blood because of dehydration. By all means, avoid caffeine after undergoing surgery.

Optimizing on your nutrition is the perfect measure to undertake in order to decrease scarring after surgery. There are different types of foods that contain nutrients essential for the body after surgery. They help to suppress the scar remains after a wound. Therefore, it is worth embracing nutritious foods and reducing the intake of food which may prevent healing of the scar.

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