The Recovery Process after Smart Lipo

June 14, 2019

SmartLipo Laser Liposuction is the inventive process for firming baggy skin and removing surplus fat from your body. It is a negligible invasive process where a low-energy laser strand is inserted to the intended fat deposit by a doctor.

The fat cells are then destroyed and drained away by the energy from the laser. It however has no effect on the nearby tissues. The whole process barely takes an hour for each targeted area.

Smart lipo recovery focuses on what happens after the procedure is performed on you. However, it is important to note that, there is no distinction at all between the recovery period for smart lipo and for liposuction.

The recovery process is divided into the following sections:

1. Right After and Within 24 Hours

Once the procedure is done, you will be directed to a recovery room where you will possibly be designated a compression clothing to wear. This garment is supposed to regulate swelling in the spots that are treated.

It helps your skin adjust to your new body shape. Moderate levels of some pain and ruffling are to be expected by patients within 24 to 48 hours after surgery. Most patients are however in a position to return to work in just a day.

2. The Following Week

The smart lipo recovery process depends on the amount of fat extracted and the magnitude of the area treated. Doctors recommend that you put on compression clothing for 2 weeks to allow the skin to fully conform to the body shape.

In this week, the swelling is very minimal as the clothing keeps reducing the skin to the shape of your body. Some people may even start seeing some changes during this very stage and some may wait for up to eight weeks.

It all depends on your body, as people have different bodies that react differently to many things. The body needs time to redress its fluids after the extraction of fat. It also needs time to cure after the tissues in the body are disoriented.

The bigger the volumes of fat removed, and the larger the area operated on, the longer the recovery process.

Here your doctor will arrange for check-ups with you to know your progress and make sure the recovery process goes as was planned. These appointments are vital as you will also be advised on when you can go back to your normal routine.

3. Going Back to Your Normal Regime

Patients are normally thrilled to get back to their normal routines. However, it is the volume of fat removed that will determine your recovery period. By following your doctor's advice to the letter, you can expect to see great results from the treatment.

You are expected to keep away from hot tubs and bathtubs for at least 4 weeks after treatment. You can start getting a massage from 10-12 days after treatment on the treated areas, so long as it is gentle. Within a six-month period, you should be able to observe continuous improvement.

Doctors stress on staying away from formidable exercises for as long as a month. Despite most patients being able to recover within the first few days or weeks, it is still risky to participate in taxing activities like going to the gym.

It is best to communicate with your doctor about the initial smart lipo recovery period to know how long you can wait to return to your normal scheme of activities.

Takeaway: Preparations for Recovery

If you are having humongous areas treated then it is potent to prepare fully for the smart lipo recovery. You are required to stay busy at home while “resting”. Read books, magazines, tackle some puzzles, listen to music. These low-energy activities will assist you in passing time more quickly as you are allowed just to rest, not to keep moving around.

According to research conducted, smart lipo patients are 3 times more likely to add on weight if they fail to adhere to a healthy dietary program. They are also 4 times more probably going to acquire undesired tonnage if they fail to exercise regularly.

You are advised to have plenty of water bottles nearby as staying hydrated is very important to your recovery. Also, choose the correct snacks for yourself as you need to be well-nourished. You will want to get glued to one position to be more comfortable and relaxed. Get more pillows and stay under a duvet to keep you warm.

Put on some loosely-fitting garments to not disturb the areas that were treated. If you were prescribed antibiotics by your doctor, it is reasonable to procure them even before the treatment happens.

The favorable outcome of this procedure ultimately amounts to your dietary program and your lifestyle. Maintain them as advised by the doctor, and the procedure will be a pure success.

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