How Much Fat Can Be Removed With SmartLipo?

April 21, 2019

Liposuction is a technique of surgery for getting rid of the excess fat from beneath the skin by suction. The procedure finds wide application in plastic surgery.

How much fat is to be removed with liposuction varies across individuals. Many individuals wish to undergo liposuction procedure to trim the waist line. there are a few people as well who wish to completely to change their look by undergoing the procedure. a common guideline is that an amount as much as five liters of fat can be removed in a single procedure. The limit of the fat to be removed is independent of your weight, the proportion of fat in your body as a whole or the target limit.

A study done in 2015 shows that the procedure based on the BMI (Body Mass Index) would be much better method. There is a considerable amount of dispute about the guidelines because of lack of scientific data. We’ll discuss here how much fat can be removed with liposuction.

Differentiate SmartLipo from Regular Liposuction

Regular liposuction involves using a cannula and manipulating physically to bring out and fat suction from underneath the skin. On the other hand, SmartLipo uses a beam of laser heat to make the fat soft and liquefy it, which makes it easier for removal with cannula. SmartLipo procedure involves less discomfort for the patient. How much fat can be removed with SmartLipo depends on diverse factors.

How SmartLipo works

Before we answer this query it is important to know certain facts. There are a few areas in our body such as love handles, stomach, the fat mass that bulges at the sides of your waist, bulges in thighs (inner or out), arms, bra rolls and so forth. The fat in these areas does not change even if you have good control on your diet and exercise regularly. To reduce the fat in these areas SmartLipo liposuction is the best. This is because of its safety and effectiveness. it also does not need much downtime. You can get back to work within two to three days. You can perform most activities within a week.

The energy in the laser dismantles the cells in the fat members and blasts cells. The fat thus undergone the change goes to the liver. There, the fat gets removed.

SmartLipo is safer than regular liposuction because of fewer side effects as compared to regular liposuction.

The general guidelines for how much fat can be safely removed as per FDA’s standards

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the laser liposuction. The liposuction guidelines as prescribed by American Society for Dermatologic Surgery advice that the safe maximum limit is 55mg/kg.

What a candidate for SmartLipo looks like? (Who should undergo SmartLipo procedure?)

Clinical experience shows that individuals who experience a comparatively stable weight, and lead discipline and balance are fit for the procedure. Such people follow a good pattern in eating to ensure stable health, perform good exercise everyday are the right candidates for SmartLipo procedure.

The discipline and balance in consumption of food and exercise will enhance the outcome of liposuction. This is because it will help avoid issues in future. Large variation in weight may lead to complication.

The right patient for SmartLipo procedure would be a male or female. They may be young or old, and heavy.

There are varying viewpoints - a few specialists suggest the procedure for to those patients with a specific BMI. On the other hand, a few experts opine when the patient is lean the problem is clearer and therefore, easier to treat.

People who are going to become obese are not that suitable for the procedure. There are a few that are simply too big and heavy. In such cases, SmartLipo procedure is not of much help.

How results can differ from person to person

The result of SmartLipo procedure is quantified by the volume of material that is removed during the procedure. For example, if the amount removed is three liters, that would be equivalent to a reduction of 6.6 pounds of weight. However, it's rough measure. The result varies across people.

It depends on the size for the patient's body, composition of the body, and the area for which the procedure is administered. When the amount removed is larger, there is greater amount weight reduced from the overall weight of the body.

Similarly, when body weight is lower, and the a large amount of removed with liposuction, there is greater chance of change.

Too large, heavy patients experience little change in their weight even if the maximum amount of fat is removed.

Note that your weight soon following the procedure may be the same or higher than that before. You may experience your garments getting loose or tight.

Note that there is a considerable amount of risk in liposuction surgery. You should discuss with your specialist doctor. Be aware that liposuction surgery is not the solution to improve your appearance. It is important to note that you much lead a healthy lifestyle with the right kind of diet and the right program of exercise. You should follow them without fail to accrue to yourself the best result.

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