Common Plastic Surgery Procedures for Men

March 25, 2019

We are living in a totally different world right now, times are really changing. what would have been a taboo some five years ago is being widely done now. There used to be a lot of limit as to who should do what and who should not. Over the past couple of years there has been a growth in the number of men taking plastic surgery; more men are coming out and are actually taking the plastic surgery. This is of course a good thing that men do not have to hide anymore if they want some correction in their bodies through plastic surgery.    

If you are a man out there and you were looking forward to having a plastic surgery then this article is for you. We will take you through some of the plastic surgery procedures available for men,we will see what they entail and what each of them correct.    


The first procedure to look at is the rejuvenation of the eyelid, just the same way women usually start showing signs of aging around the eyes, so do men and similarly just like any woman would like to correct that then so do most men. Your eyes are the windows to your soul so they should be in good shape. If you want to know that you need this procedure you should look out for signs like; loose furrowed skin which are hanging,bulging fat pads underneath the eyelids and lateral brows which hang over the top eyelids. Thanks to science and technology a procedure to correct the aging has been found is available even for men.    


The other plastic surgery procedure available for men is the rhinoplasty, as we all know proportionality means a lot and if you are not so happy with the shape of your nose and how it blends with your face then you will have low self esteem. If it seems as if your nose is big chances are the lower face is a bit out of touch. Fortunately rhinoplasty can help get a perfect shape even without having to feminize your face. This is usually a short procedure which is also easy to recover from.    


Just as we have stayed earlier proportionality in your face is of paramount importance, if the projection of your lower jaw is somehow limited by insufficient growth then it may appear as if you have a weak jaw and this makes you look less masculine. Using the right judgment the plastic surgeon can give you an improved projection followed by an implant or re-positioning your bone along with liposuction of the jawline. This is usually done to create a sculpted jaw that shows strength.    


Do you ever think that you have a short turkey neck? are you having a hard time wearing clothes like t-shirts? Or do you think you look heavier in your face but you have not gained any weight whatsoever? If yes, then you have a short neck and a neck lift would surely come in handy. For a man to have a short neck that looks like hanging skin with fat certainly brings forth the image of an person who is prematurely ageing beyond his actual age. However a simple process of a neck lift can restore you back as well as your self esteem.    


Last on our list but certainly not least is the gynecomastia surgery, if you see if have more than enough fat and skin of the breast, which in fact can affect the shape as well as the size of the niple-areolar complex, then you projecting a feminizing effect of a man's chest. This can cause a lot of stress to all men. However through the gynecomastia surgery, this effect can be corrected.    


We are lucky to be alive at a time like this when science has made our lives way much easier, there are people who even if they would have wanted to would not have the privilege of having a plastic surgery simply because science had not gone so far then. Therefore instead of judging the men who choose to do plastic surgery we should support them and appreciate the fact the we can be able to do plastic surgeries.

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