Can Teenagers Get Plastic Surgery?

March 25, 2019

Earlier, only adults and more particularly older adults used to undergo plastic surgery whereas youngsters in rare cases. However, according to recent trends, not only younger adults go for plastic surgery but the number of teenagers is also increasing at a faster rate. In this condition, the question arises about the right age for teenage plastic surgery. Some common procedures normally requested by teenagers and the recommendations of the experts are briefly discussed here under for your consideration. However, you should consider each case on an individual level.

Non-surgical procedures

Microderma abrasion

According to recent studies, the number of teenage plastic surgery patients is increasing day-by-day. Though it is not critical in all the cases still most teenagers go for non-surgical procedures like resurfacing of the skin through chemical peeling or laser or microderma abrasion etc. The non-invasive procedures of this type can improve the looks of the skin by reducing the appearance of discoloration of the skin and scars of acne.

Dermal fillers

Most of the teens, as well as adults, are increasingly using dermal fillers to enhance the appearance of their lips and face since last more than five years. Most of the teens go for this procedure after being inspired by their role models in Hollywood with overly done cheeks and lips. But most of them are misguided by the plastic surgeons as using fillers can be harmful during teenage.

Hyaluronic acid fillers

They can be a better option for teenagers as they include natural substances. They will be absorbed by their body safely and gradually within a few months. Some of the teenagers are using Botox to slow down the appearance of line on their face but at this young age, it is not recommended by most of the professionals. However, the effects of Botox are temporary as they fade out after some time.

Surgical procedures

Rarely adopted surgical cosmetic procedures for teenagers may include:

Breast enhancement

It is normally performed to improve their symmetrical looks as well as balancing them according to the shape of the body to make them look natural and healthy. For this reason, some teenagers go for breast surgery to reduce the size of their breasts.

Breast surgery for boys

Some boys also go for the procedure of gynecomastia, a breast reduction procedure, to control the growth of male breast tissues that can be caused due to obesity, side effects of certain medication or any other reason. This breast problem can disappear as the boys slim down or become fully mature. But, if the excessive tissues of the breast are emotionally impacting the teen then he can be suggested for a surgical procedure with minimum incision like liposuction with ultrasonic waves.


This procedure is normally performed to correct and reshape exceptionally shaped ears. This procedure is recommended at the age of 6-7 years but it can also be done in teenage if the child or teen is called with ridiculous names at the school.


This surgical procedure is also recommended for the teens having exceptionally shaped nose to reshape it if he is emotionally tortured by his classmates. Both otoplasty and rhinoplasty can bring a dramatic change in the appearance of a teenager, on psychological as well as a physical basis.


Teenage plastic surgery is offered by some parents to their teenage children as a gift for their graduation or at some special occasion to improve their looks. But many teens are tending to improve their looks naturally which is really a sign of relief for some of the plastic surgeons.

Due to the increasing trend of plastic surgery among celebrities the rates of this cosmetic surgery have also increased to some extent. The increasing trend of Selfie’ is also considered one of the reasons for this increase in the rates of plastic surgery. However, decreasing demand of the celebrities who had undergone plastic surgeries on their body had also distracted teenagers from surgical treatments. They are more attracted to non-surgical methods to improve their looks.

The plastic surgeons encouraging teenagers for plastic surgery should also help as well as guide the teens and their parents about the pros and cons of surgical procedures so that their expectations with it can be controlled. They should also discuss such things with the teens so that they can understand the benefits and risks of having a permanent change in their looks unless they are mature enough for such things. They should encourage the teens to wait for a few years so that they can think over Teenage plastic surgery with a bit more mature mindset.

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