Best Options For Non Invasive Fat Removal

June 14, 2019

Many people find it a struggle to lose weight through exercise and diet. However, certain body areas such as thighs, neck, abdomen, and love handles are difficult to remove unwanted fats no matter how healthy your routines are. Due to these problematic areas, there are excellent fat loss alternatives which you can undergo to remove these unwanted fats. There are two categories of treatments, namely: surgical and non-invasive.

The surgical method is carried out through cuttings and incisions on the area to be treated. This procedure may not be recommended by doctors due to the risks it can pose on patients. It’s painful, has long recovery time, and there are high chances of infections.

Why Non-Invasive Treatments Are More Significant than Surgical Procedures

The non-invasive laser body sculpting treatments are becoming popular as a safe and reliable alternative to surgical methods. They don’t involve cuts or incisions on the patient, and are thus a more convenient approach towards removing excess fat from the body.

Non-invasive procedures are also better than surgical methods because they only cause minimal and temporary discomfort. The treatment sessions last for a few minutes depending on the area treated. Also, they have what is called "zero recovery periods" and thus ideal for individuals with busy schedules. The methods are also excellent in removing stubborn pocket fats in areas such as the neck where surgical procedures can’t be used.

Non-Invasive Fat Loss Treatments


This method is one of the most effective non-invasive fat loss treatment. It uses a process called Cryolipolysis, which uses a controlled cooling effect to target the underneath fat cells of the skin. These treated cells are then frozen and destroyed. With time, the natural body processes will eliminate these dead cells, leading to a reduction in body weight. The treatment is excellent in removing unwanted fats around the thighs, belly, and lower back. It’s an FDA certified treatment and a safe form of aesthetic therapy.

CoolSculpting requires no anaesthesia, surgery, or invasive procedure. The only side effects are temporary swellings, redness, and aching. Its average cost per area treated is $650 to $800.


The Vanquish treatment is helpful for patients desiring to get rid of their frustrating belly fat. If that stubborn layer of fat on your abdomen doesn’t reduce no matter your diet or exercise, this technique is a great option. It’s a unique waist reduction procedure that uses non-invasive radio frequency technology together with low-level laser to destroy unwanted fat cells. It utilizes heat in melting these fat cells from the body.

During the treatment, the temperature may rise up to 45 degrees, causing the cells to rapture then die. This non-invasive technique tends to have fewer side effects than most aesthetic therapies. Thus, it's more comfortable for individuals with sensitive skin types. The average cost of the treatment is $2,000 per treatment.


This procedure is the first FDA-certified laser therapy for removing excess fat deposits from flanks, abdomen, outer thighs, and inner thighs. Using light-based technology, it destroys fat cells via a controlled hyperthymic process. One session of SculpSure lasts for 25 minutes, and the patient will see noticeable results within 6-12 weeks after the treatment. It works similar to Vanquish by heating the fat cells, and thus destroying them. The SculpSure treatment is also good for patients desiring skin sculpting, tightening and refining. It gives a natural and aesthetically pleasing body physique. The costs per treatment of this procedure ranges between $1,200 to $1.800.


Kybella is also a non-surgical treatment that reduces substantial fullness or double chin. The FDA approved it as safe for fat loss in 2015, and it employs a naturally-occurring deoxycholic acid that helps in absorbing fats. This treatment destroys unwanted fats cells and thus tightening the skin. The body will metabolize the dead cells after a few weeks of the procedure, then eliminate these dead tissues as body wastes. For the procedure to be effective, patients need 3-5 injections to achieve full results. However, the outcome of the treatment depends on your skin muscles. Some plastic surgeons also use Kybella for body contouring. Its cost is above $1,500 per area.

These are the best non-surgical fat removal treatments, and they’re safe and certified by the FDA. The results of each therapy are noticeable within a few weeks. However, you must ensure you maintain a healthy lifestyle before undergoing any of the treatment. Healthy routines such as dieting, exercising and improving your overall metabolism will aid and even speed up the procedure's outcome, as well as maintaining fat loss.

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