7 Things To Know About SmartLipo

February 18, 2019

In case you wish to undertake liposuction, then you might have heard about laser-assisted liposuction which is known as smart lipo. For some time now so many patients have seen many marketing campaigns which reveals that smartlipo is the best as it’s a laser.

Meaning of smartlipo

Smartlipo refers to a laser-assisted liposuction which was initiated by Cynosure a company which is based in Messachusetts which makes and sells smartlipo laser machines. In this process, tiny incisions are made into the skin, then local anesthesia injected to areas of treatment, laser energy is applied to the skin and fat is extracted through regular liposuction cannulas.

From the time that it was initiated this procedure has been marketed as a new form of liposuction which tightens the skin, offers quick recovery and is safe compared to the traditional liposuction as it uses local anesthesia. Plastic surgeons have revealed patients can avoid their tummy tuck since the smartlipo can tighten their loose tummy skin.

However, there’re so many reasons why smartlipo procedure may not a smart choice as you may believe.

7 facts about smartlipo

1. It does not tighten the skin

Liposuction which can be performed using an ultrasonic technique, power, laser, tumescent has been seen as the best way of reducing unwanted fat. However, there’s no single form of liposuction which can tighten a loose skin even it’s smartlipo. Both the surgeons and patients would love to get a treatment which can tighten the skin without creating scars or removing the skin but unfortunately, it does not exist.

You must be aware of the conmen/women who may try to promise you that they can tighten your skin through smartlipo since at the end you will be left with a sagging tummy.

2. It’s not safer than tumescent liposuction

The way many people claim that smartlipo is safe compared to tumescent liposuction is not true. These two methods can be performed with very minimal cases of complication. Safety in any kind of plastic surgery depends on proper selection of ideal candidates, skills of the surgeon and aftercare.

3. No different for recovery times

So many people claim that smartlipo takes short time for the patient to recover. In reality, both tumescent liposuction and smartlipo do take almost the same amount of time one to recover. However, the period of recovery will depend on the extent of the procedure, genetics, and age of the patient. All types of liposuction do produce some swelling and bruising which can last about 6 weeks.

4. It has risks

Apart from being a complicated process which does not have many benefits, the use of laser in smartlipo can increase the risk of injury thermal areas.

5. Many users have minimal experience with liposuction

Since the smartlipo laser liposuction has been marketed to both surgeons and patients, many of the doctors who are engaged with this technology are non-surgeons or non-plastic surgeons who have very little experience when it comes to liposuction. Therefore, it means that it’s difficult for one to achieve good results.

6. It’s an effective type of liposuction

According to marketing, claims smartlipo is seen as an effective type of liposuction, but there is no scientific evidence which shows that it’s superior compared to the tumescent liposuction. Through the only controlled clinical, double-blinded, randomized or prospective study of comparing between the two methods has shown that they do not big differences.

7. It’s the machine which is matters and not the surgeon

One thing which matters if you wish to get good liposuction results is the skills of the plastic surgeon who will be undertaking the procedure. A plastic surgeon with good skills can produce the best liposuction results through various types of techniques such as ultrasonic, power, laser and tumescent liposuction. You must be aware of the untrained individuals who may wish to brand themselves as plastic surgeons.

Although many patients would wish to ask their surgeons if there’s a procedure which can merge both the tummy tuck and liposuction without producing any scars, they should know that it does not exist. Despite of the things which are highlighted above, smartlipo is still an effective non-invasive treatment for any individuals who're looking for the best to reduce excess body fat. Therefore, you should not be afraid to undertake this procedure as many people have emerged successful.

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